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Modern Italian Cuisine


Since 1988, Ristorante Casa Italia has been the standard for classic Italian Cuisine in Puerto Rico.  In 2021 Chef Xavier Toro has redesigned the traditional Italian restaurant experience and transformed it into a modern journey into the finest Italian dishes and wine you will experience under one roof.


At Ristorante Casa Italia we take pride in three things: Food, Wine, and Family.


Our menu consists of classic Ristorante Casa Italia dishes made from the freshest ingredients that our customers have loved since 1988. To complete our menu, we offer modern Italian dishes with a classic touch but a new flavor of creativity and consistency. 


Our wine menu includes over 150 bottles of international wine that have been carefully selected to pair perfectly with your meal.  We also offer a Private Collection of wine bottles that showcases the best selection from Ristorante Casa Italia.


Suppose you want the complete Ristorante Casa Italia experience. In that case, we offer you a five-course tasting menu that includes the best combination of our current and off-menu dishes which are paired perfectly with a selection of wine that completes the journey.


At Ristorante Cas Italia, family comes first. We want to make you feel at home from the minute you walk through our doors so that you are welcomed to join us with your family and friends and feel as comfortable as possible.


We also offer a private room for large groups to reserve for business occasions or family reunions.


At Ristorante Casa Italia, our primary mission is to eat deliciously, drink delicious, and have a great time with your loved ones.


Reserve today to enjoy the best Italian Cuisine experience in Puerto Rico

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